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Emerald Lakes Board of Directors Open Meeting, October 23, 2021

by Kathy Leslie-Whelan

          The meeting was called to order at 9:35 AM.  Six board members were present.  Ange Noonan was absent.  General Manager Darryl Gamble and Assistant General Manager Nicole Clemens were also present. After the pledge of allegiance, Buz Whelan, President started his message by acknowledging the death of Marie DeVito, a long time resident of Emerald Lakes.  Whelan stated that Marie and her husband Carm were original settlers of the Association.  They purchased their home on the lake long before Emerald Lakes became an Association.  Marie was a bubbly woman and was liked by everyone that met her.  She was always laughing and died peacefully in her sister’s arms on Sunday.  Marie was 93 years old.  Whelan turned the floor over to Chris Claude to talk about a program he is running for Veteran’s Day.  Claude stated that on Saturday, November 13th there will be the first annual corn hole tournament on the grounds at the Community Center.  All interested parties should sign up by Friday, November 12th.  There is a $20 entrance fee for a team of two.  The winning team will receive a cash prize while teams in first, second and third place will receive trophies.  The event will be paid for by the fee and donations from Claude.  The event will be held rain or shine.  A brief ceremony will be held at 11:00 am to honor veterans.  Registration will begin at 11:30 am for anyone that did not preregister.  The signup fee at that time will be $30.  The first toss is expected to occur around 12 noon.

Whelan further stated that he will let Darryl Gamble speak on the Community Center; however, events are currently being planned for the kids for the month of December.  Events include Letters to Santa and a visit from Santa.  Maintenance has been preparing for snow so if we do get an early snow fall, our staff is ready.

          Dave Borsos gave the Treasurer’s report.  He stated that for the month of September dues income is  $826K Year to Date (YTD) and is $9K over the budgeted amount.  Other income is at $308 which includes Public Safety citations, bank revenue, and rental revenue.  (Rental Income was $304K).  Expenses for Administration are over by $7K.  The reason for the overages is due to an additional staff member being hired and 11 other line items which fall under administrative expenses. Some of these items include credit card fees, collections/judgments, operating supplies etc.  Maintenance, Public Safety, Community Center, Recreation, General and Professional, Utilities are all under budget.  Insurance is over budget but this is due to some policies being paid in full at the beginning of the year.  The budget is broken down by 12 months so the money will be within budget at the end of the fiscal year.  Total expenses were $174K under budget.  Current cash assets are $903K, $276K in reserves and $128K in investments.  

          A motion was made by Chris Claude to accept the Treasurer’s report.  It was seconded by Bob Leon and Bill Baehr and passed unanimously. 

Under Old Business:

  • Update on Community Center (CC) – The Community Center renovations continue to move forward.  The pool heater was fixed and the water is being heated to 82 degrees.  Some work was done on the roof area.  Flashing was installed on the windows and new trim and sealing of the chimney was completed.  In the Spring, the drain on the roof will be looked at and repaired if needed.  Gamble anticipates the CC to open in November (Phase 1).  Phase two will be when the bar and grill opens.
  • Road Maintenance – the outside contractor is coming in on Monday for culvert repairs on Doe, Clearview, Sycamore, Mountain Top and Gap View. The cost is $23K.  Maintenance will be adding stones to pot holes since cold patch season is coming to an end.  A list will be kept of these areas for repair in the Spring.
  • Winter prep is underway.  Two trucks are being geared up now, in case of an early snowfall.  Our credit application is in for salt/cinders.  A new plow and spreader is being purchased as spares and will be used in case of an emergency.  Gamble is currently looking for a new maintenance truck.  The backhoe is out for routine maintenance while the old unit is ready to go. 
  • Project discussions:
    • Fencing at the compactor has increased the scope of work.  The work includes adding an additional gate and fencing to the old camp ground.  Gamble is waiting on pricing.
    • The main entrance will have lighting and foliage added to the two side areas.  The area will require low maintenance.  This work should be completed by Winter.  The work on the  middle area will commence in Spring. 
    • Dam work is completed and is ready for inspection.  Our maintenance staff has taken care of foliage issues.  A training session is being planned for our maintenance staff for items they will be maintaining at the dams.  Dam work will come in under budget.
    • Clover Bridge work will pickup in Spring.  There is no danger to the community.  Gamble doesn’t want to close the road over the Winter.

Under New Business

  • Youth Activities and Projects – Whelan handed the floor over to Claude to address this topic.  Claude stated that there is an area at the CC that can be converted into a mini soccer field.  In the summer, he would like to see basketball tournaments, summer camps and swim lessons being offered.  Gamble has reached out to the Y about arranging “mommy and me” swim classes.  Claude wants to install a concrete pad for roller skating that could be converted into an ice rink in the winter.  Claude requested that the membership reach out to the board on Facebook as to what activities they want to see in the Community.  Once the CC opens there will be a game room and video room for the membership. The game room includes pool tables, shuffle board, skee ball and darts. 

Committee Reports    

Rules and Regulations did not meet. 

Appeals went well.

          Finance and Planning looked over financials and our numbers look good and stable.  Discussions were held on long and short term planning.  Some examples of short term planning were, dog park, soccer field, and boat/kayak rental and lake toy.  Examples of long term planning were bath house at the outdoor pool and feasibility study for ADA compliance.

          Real Estate Committee will be meeting every other month.  They are a good group of people with good ideas that they would like to implement for short term rentals.  The new chair for this committee is Mike Camino and the new secretary is Maria Cita Quinones.   These individuals replace long time serving members Loretta Schneider and Cari Jacobs.

Director’s Comments

          Bob Leon stated that there are 13 homes for sale in Emerald Lakes.  They are:

  1.         $500K listed for 381 days
  2.         $320K listed for 207 days
  3.         $250K listed for 140 days
  4.         $900K listed for 95 days
  5.         $750K listed for 91 days
  6.         $230K listed for 84 days
  7.         $169K listed for 62 days
  8.         $620K listed for 61 days
  9.          $250K listed for 60 days
  10. $240K listed for 47 days
  11. $200K listed for 36 days
  12. $145K listed for 3 days
  13. $231K listed for 3 days

Homes ranged from $145K to $900K.

Bill Baehr made a public service announcement.  Since it is getting darker earlier, the membership should be carrying flashlights as well as wearing reflective clothing while out walking their dogs or running.  Dogs should also be wearing reflective clothing and walking should be facing traffic so that you can jump out of the way, if need be.

Chris Claude advised the membership that on top of outfitting dogs with reflective gear, vehicles should also be prepared for winter.  He also reminded the membership about the Veteran’s Day event to be held on November 13th.  There will be a cash prize for the winning team with trophies going to the first 3 winning teams.

Dave Borsos stated that he has a renewed energy since he sees that projects are being followed through on.  Things are getting done.  He would like to see more people come out and be a part of this wonderful place.

Buz Whelan reminded the membership that Trunk or Treat will be held on Saturday, October 30th at 12 noon on the CC grounds.  Rain date is Sunday.  It is chilly out so bundle up the kids.

Public Comments

Kathy Leslie Whelan thanked Ange Noonan and Nicole Taff for helping her trap, neuter and release three feral cats in her area.  Nicole Taff is very active in our community even though she lives in Albrightsville.  She puts up her own money with helping us to control the cat population.  Nicole Taff does accept contributions.

          Nine (9) new members were welcomed to the Community.

Steve Kavanagh made the motion to adjourn.  It was seconded by Chris Claude.  Meeting adjourned at 10:40 AM.

Reporters Note: I write these reports based on notes taken during the meeting.  I get no special consideration or cooperation from the board.  I try my best to report accurately, but occasionally mistakes will be made.  I invite correction and have no desire to intentionally mischaracterize any comments or actions.

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