Burning, Garbage, Trash, Unsightly Property Rules


1. No burning is permitted within the boundaries of the Emerald Lakes Community, except as noted below:

1.1  Burning of construction materials and debris, aerosol cans, paint and other coatings material cans is strictly prohibited.

1.2Burning of residential recyclable materials and commercial recyclable materials is prohibited.

1.3 Burning of any residential or construction trash, garbage, and furniture is prohibited.

1.4 Burning of tree trimmings, grasses, weed, and other plants is prohibited.

1.5 Burning of treated, painted or stained wood is prohibited.

1.6 Burning is permitted of only clean, readily combustible materials.  Every contained fire or controlled burn shall be built in and confined to a noncombustible container covered with a screen of 1/2 inch or smaller mesh, or with other suitable non-combustible cover, and shall not be permitted closer than twenty five (25) feet from any building.

A CONTAINED FIRE is any fire contained in an incinerator fireplace or other contained enclosure designed for outdoor cooking, or a fireproof container.  A CONTROLLED FIRE is fire not included in the definition of a contained fire.

1.6.1  The burning shall be solely for recreational or ceremonial purposes, or used only for cooking.

1.6.2  All fires shall be attended to at all times by a responsible adult with a readily available means of

extinguishing the fire, such as a fire extinguisher or water hose.

1.6.3  The fire must be extinguished thoroughly with no smoldering.

1.7   No burning is allowed during a Fire Ban Emergency, as proclaimed by Monroe County Emergency Management, or Tunkhannock or Tobyhanna Townships.

1.8  Wherever the Township ordinance is more stringent than this regulation, the Township Ordinance requirements shall prevail.

1.9  Nothing herein shall be construed to permit or encourage the burning of any substance determined by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or the United States Environmental Protection Agency to be a “hazardous substance”;  nor shall any fire be permitted to burn by any persons if such burning is in violation of the Air Pollution Control Act or other legislation by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or the United States of America or any of their legislative agencies.

2. All garbage, trash and rubbish shall be disposed of off the premises and no garbage, trash or rubbish may be buried on owner’s property or within the Emerald Lakes Community.

3.  The Association maintains a trash compactor for the disposal of normal household waste and recyclable material. Anyone caught dumping bags for Members who are not in good standing will be issued a $500.00 fine.  Please contact the ELA office for days and hours of operation.

4. Valid Member (or Associate Member) badges and ELA vehicle ID stickers must be shown to the compactor attendant to receive trash disposal privileges. The stickers must be permanently affixed to the vehicle.

5. No part of any lot or property shall be used or maintained as a dumping ground for household garbage and trash, contractor or building materials, broken or abandoned items such as bicycles, refrigerators, cars, etc. or for any other type of disposal. Exception: firewood and kindling intended for fire starting may be neatly arranged on the owner’s property.

6. Normal household garbage and trash must be taken to the Association’s compactor in a timely fashion.  Any garbage or trash placed outdoors, pending transfer to the compactor, must be kept in secure containers to discourage access by wild animals.)

7. Recycling is mandatory at the trash compactor area. These materials must be separated properly and disposed of in the appropriate containers..

8.  The exterior of all structures located on any private lot and the surrounding private property shall be kept in good repair and appearance by the owner. If the owner fails to do so, the property will be considered unsightly. The Association will give written notice to the owner. If not corrected within period specified in the Notice, a fine may be imposed. (See Schedule of Fines).

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