Enforcement of Rules


  1. Security Officers and authorized Association Staff personnel, including lifeguards on duty, are responsible for the enforcement of all Rules and Regulations for all persons utilizing the Common Areas and Community Recreational facilities.
  2. Any violation could result in a suspension of privileges, a fine, or both, as well as the institution of a Civil Action to recover sums due for damages or injunctive relief, Criminal Action, or other appropriate action under the circumstances.
  3. Violations can and should be reported by any person, whether Association Member, Family Member, Tenant, or Guest to Security with as much information as can be obtained.
  4. Security will complete a written Complaint Record on any and all violations or reports of alleged violations and undertake appropriate action.
  5. All State, County and Municipal law enforcement agencies have authority to enforce all applicable State, County and Municipal Statutes, Laws, Ordinances and Regulations within the Emerald Lakes Community.
  6. A member who wishes to appeal a disciplinary action imposed or authorized by the Board of Directors, that is, suspension of Member privileges or a fine for a violation of the Rules and Regulations, may request a hearing before the Appeals Board and such disciplinary action will be suspended until after the hearing.

6.1 Such request for a hearing must be made in writing to the Board of Directors, c/o General Manager, within ten (15) days after receipt of notice of disciplinary action or receipt of the citation.

6.2 The requested hearing shall take place at the next regularly scheduled Appeals Board meeting following the mailing to the Member of written notice of the time and place thereof and also stating the nature of the breach charged against said Member. The Member shall have the right to be represented by counsel.

6.3  Within ten (10) days after the hearing, the Appeals Board shall render its decision in writing to the Member involved setting forth the disciplinary action to be imposed, if applicable.

6.4  The Member may request the Board of Directors, in writing, to review the decision of the Appeals Board. In that event, the Board of Directors will make their final decision.

  1. I agee that all homeowners should have the right to rent there home out if they choose to, i however agree that homeowners shoudnt have to put up with renters breaking community rules. i feel tougher enforcement and fines should be pushed. i also feel decals or more signs indicating what behavior is expected while renting will remind renters what behavior is expected and the consequences for disregarding them.

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