Alarm Rules


  1. All residential alarm systems shall be registered with the appropriate Township Authority.
  2. All existing alarm systems shall be modified (if necessary) and all new alarm systems shall be installed in such a way that the audible alarm will shut off after no more than ten (10) minutes of operation.
  3. Any Association Member or Associate Member who, after receiving written notice from the Association or Public Safety Department that an emergency department (ambulance, fire, or police) and/or a Security Department Officer has responded to two (2) false and/or nuisance alarms during any twelve (12) month period, shall thereafter pay a fine for each false and/or nuisance alarm (see Schedule of Fines). (This fine imposed by the Association is in addition to any penalties imposed by the Township Authority.)


False Alarm – shall mean the activation of an alarm system caused by other than the intended purpose for which the alarm system is designed.

Nuisance Alarm – shall mean an audible alarm which fails to automatically shut off its audio alarm within ten (10) minutes after the activation of such audible alarm.

Activation of an alarm system caused by a malfunction, which in turn is caused by violent natural catastrophic conditions including electrical storms and power outages, shall not constitute a false alarm or nuisance alarm.

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