Trailer and Commercial Vehicle Rules


1. One mobile home or one currently licensed motor home or travel trailer or other type of private (non-commercial) trailer may be parked on any lot or tract having a principal building, provided that no living quarters shall be maintained or any business conducted within the vehicle or trailer when parked in the community.  The mobile home or trailer must be screened from view of the road as best as possible.

2. Keeping of additional Campers, Motor Homes (RV’s) or Camper (RV) trailers will be subject to “parking fees” relating to their overall length. All Campers, Motor Homes (RV’s) and Camper (RV) Trailers MUST be registered with the Emerald Lakes Administration and display the current Emerald Lakes vehicle sticker. Vehicles that are not registered with or do not exhibit the current Emerald Lakes vehicle sticker are PROHIBITED within the Emerald Lakes Community and subject to citation and fine. Campers, Motor Homes (RV’s) and Camper (RV) Trailers are identified by overall length, as follows:

SMALL                Less than 20 feet in overall length

MEDIUM       20 feet to 30 feet in overall length

LARGE                Greater than 30 feet in overall length

3. The parking fees are as follows:

3.1  Less than twenty (20) feet overall length: $10/day, $150/month

3.2  Twenty (20) feet to thirty (30) feet overall length: $25/day, $375/month

3.3  Greater than thirty (30) feet overall length: $40/day, $600/month

3.4 All parking fees must be paid in advance for either the daily or monthly rate.

3.5  DAY shall mean: Midnight to 11:59 p.m., or any part thereof. MONTH shall mean: Midnight on the first day of a calendar month to 11:59 p.m. on the last day of that calendar month.

4. ALL vehicles registered as truck, commercial or apportioned; or any vehicle with a registered vehicle weight of 10,000 pounds (5 tons) or more are prohibited from use within or from being housed within the Emerald Lakes Community.

4.1  No dump trucks are permitted to be housed within the Emerald Lakes Community.

4.2  Commercial vehicles used for businesses are not permitted to be housed within the Emerald Lakes Community.

This provision shall not apply to Emerald Lakes’ vehicles, emergency vehicles, contractor’s equipment and vehicles or to moving vans and other delivery trucks or utility vehicles while in the performance of their intended function.

5.  Builders and subcontractors shall be held liable for fines and damages caused by violating this section. The violition of this weight limit carry a fine of $5,000 (FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS), and the violator shall bear the cost for any damages caused by its  equipment and vehicles.

6. The fines for any violation of the Rules listed within this Trailer and Commercial Vehicle sections not specifically listed are set at $250.00 for each violation.

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