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Want more Nearly News? Below are links to past Nearly News articles, thanks to the talented Buz Whelan.

The Who’ Get Fooled Again

New “Star Trek” Script Leaked?

Local Man ID’d as Right Guy to F*#& With

Ten More Foods That Are Just Meh

Boasters Often Exaggerate, Study Shows

U.K./U.S. Breakup: What Happened?

Ten Phrases That Are Worse Than Useless

Terror Plot Thwarted

Lake Shark Menace Resurfaces

Your Nearly News Horoscope

Most Annoying Named

Boehner Weeps Over Recovering Economy

Ten Things We Would Be Better Off Without

Ten Predictions Absolutely 100% Guaranteed to Come True

The New Face of American Diplomacy

“Miraculous” Image Seen On Statue

Local Chides God on Easter Holiday

CPAC Adds Another Anti-Science Plank

Ten Over-rated Activities

Oscar Aftermath

Biden to Fill in for Vacationing Letterman

Aggressive Driving Class Offered

Watching Liberal TV Leads to Heroin Addiction: Study Results

Man Reads ‘Terms and Conditions’

News Briefs for January 4, 2013

Ten Resolutions You Can Realistically Expect to Keep

10 Things I Don’t Like About Christmas



Pa Man Claims He Never Fantasized On Lottery Win

Ten Things We Don’t Need Anymore

Ten Really Annoying People

Obama Campaign Demands Recount

Cat House Raided

Ten Things that are Just Okay

Romney Proposes Department of Pollution

Astronomer Admits Constellations Don’t Look Like That

Romney to Debate Ryan on Budget

Obama: 4 Years Not Enough

New Quake Sets Japan Back to 22nd Century

NRA Seeks Mandatory Carry Law

Chinese to Outsource Sneaker Lace Manufacturing to U.S.

Atheists Advise Wishing

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