Pool Rules


1. The primary responsibility of the lifeguards is the safety of the swimmers. Lifeguards have the authority to order any offender of the rules out of the pool for any portion of the day they deem appropriate at their sole discretion. Chronic offenders may lose their right to use the Community Recreational Facilities.

2.  Socializing with or distracting lifeguards while they are on duty is prohibited. No loitering or congregating will be allowed.

3.  Swimming in the pool without supervision by Association personnel is prohibited, and if done, will be at your own risk.

4.  Posted rules shall be adhered to at all times, including but not limited to:

4.1 No one is permitted in the pool enclosure except during scheduled hours and only when a lifeguard is on duty.

4.2  The Association may close the pool during scheduled hours for reasons of safety, weather or maintenance.

4.3  No running, dunking, pushing or other horseplay will be permitted. Always enter the pool with caution.

4.4  With the exception of corrective eyewear, no china, ceramics, glass objects, food, smoking or beverage of any kind is permitted in the pool enclosure.

4.5 Children, until they have reached their twelfth (12th) birthday, must be accompanied by a responsible person 18 years or older who shall be responsible for the child’s behavior and conformance to all pool rules while in the pool area.

4.6  Children and adults who require protective undergarments must wear waterproof coverage over same.

4.7  No diving is permitted in the pools.

4.8  Only bathing suits may be worn in the pool. Cut-offs are not allowed.

4.9  No sitting or hanging on ropes and no swings on ladders.

4.10 No radios are allowed in the pool enclosure except when played through headphones.

4.11 Flotation devices and skin diving equipment are prohibited in the pool unless permission has been granted by the Association staff.

4.12  Persons having infections, open wounds or bandages are not permitted in the pool.

4.13  With the exception of guide dogs, pets are not permitted in the pool or pool area.

5. Association-issued identification should be worn or available to be shown when requested by authorized personnel, while in the pool area.

6.  These Pool Rules apply to the Indoor Pool at the Community Center and to the Outdoor Pool on Cedar Drive.

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