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Board of Directors Open Meeting summary – July 28, 2012

Buz Whelan

     The board made several decisions at their July Open Meeting that will affect many residents. Perhaps the most noticeable will be the street name signs. Responding to member requests, the board voted to allot $3,500 for the purchase of signs so that every intersection will have a street name sign for each of the intersecting roadways. In some cases this will be the erection of a double sign, in others a single cross street sign will be added to complete the signage. There are both safety and quality of life issues in play here. In spite of the fact that most emergency vehicles rely on gps guidance systems, those systems can be mis-programmed or confusing to understand at times. The signage will provide visual confirmation of location. And for those of us who have had visitors get lost in our labyrinthine road system the signs promise to be saviors.

     Also funded was the purchase of a 4 x 4 dump body truck in the amount of $50,000, to be paid for out of the reserve fund.  This is for a brand new vehicle which was originally delivered to the dealer as a demonstration model and is fully equipped. Director Joe Miller found the buy and assisted GM Allen Roth in arranging the purchase. Normally, this fully-loaded vehicle would have cost far more. We had a mild past Winter in which the inadequacy of our plowing fleet was not severely tested. Should we have a more typical Pocono Winter this year, the truck will fill an important role.

     Treasurer Earl Frank reported that we are under budget on expenses and over on revenue, but he cautioned that only 2 months into the fiscal year it is too soon to see any dependable trends.

     In other business, the GM reported that the billboard proposal for areas along I80 and I380 is pretty much dead in the water since a needed zoning variance was turned down by the township. There was also discussion on the possibility of group-discounted water testing and this will be investigated. It was also announced that a draft audit report has been submitted by the auditor. Additional money was appropriated to complete tiling in the Community Center. To match the areas already tiled (main room, hallways and bar area) the board has decided to add the entrance foyer and the game room.

That’s the Way it Should Be

Lola Lauri

                We spent our first full night home from our Roman holiday, jetlagged, but wanting a little fun, so we headed over to The Speakeasy Lounge for a couple of drinks and to catch up with our neighbors.  It was “Oldies” night and Elizabeth Knecht is always a treat.  I put on my black hot pants and tried to channel Raquel Welch as we glided out of the rain and through the famous brass revolving door.  The bar was cool and dim and Catfish was behind the bar, cleaning glasses and chatting with the customers.  Maria and Scott were there to greet us, looking tan and gorgeous, fresh from the Key West sun.  Everybody, it seems, had gone somewhere in July.

                I sipped a Captain and Coke as Catfish told us about his camping trip at a secret little spot somewhere north of here.  His tales of fishing and “no one for miles” sound good after my crowded trek through Rome and Venice, and Bob and I vow to get a quiet camping weekend in before summer is over.  Maria shows off her tan in a lovely teal dress that drapes low in the front and lower in the back and is held up with an impossibly thin strand of gems that trail over her shoulders and down across her back.  Her hair is up and pulled to the side, looking a lot like the girl in the Speakeasy logo on the door.  Denise is there, too, and her concession to the oldies theme is rolled up jeans, a men’s shirt and a scarf tied smartly around her neck.  That’s one thing I love about The Speakeasy – everyone dresses the way they want to, and it all works out.  I was dancing in my 5-inch strappy sandals right next to a hotel guest whose still-damp-from-the-pool hair and pink, fuzzy bedroom slippers fit in perfectly.

                When we were all caught up, we headed into the dining room to grab a couch for the show. Buz and Kathy Whelan were sitting with the Leons and a few other friends, so we decided to join them in the first conversation pit.  There were already pizzas and quesadillas on the table, but Bob and I decided to have Maria’s amazing shrimp plancha and, of course, those delicious, salty fries we can never get enough of.  I look around, see friends, neighbors and tourists, all mingling and chatting excitedly, and I am reminded of how lucky we are, living here in the Poconos, a  great vacation destination in its own right.  As Buz has often said, “We live here, man.”

                Elizabeth Knecht starts the show by walking down the aisle of the dining room in a lovely 50’s cocktail dress (she later tell us it was her mother’s) and a sweet little veil over her face, singing “Going to the Chapel”, and right away, we are all singing along.  She is followed by her three “party pumpers” serving as her bridesmaids.  She moves through so many of our favorite oldies standards that I can’t remember them all now, but Connie Francis, The Everly Brothers and the Shirelles were a few.  The girls are dancing and the women in the audience are up almost immediately because, who can resist “La Bamba” or “The Hand Jive”?

                That last one inspires Elizabeth, so she changes before her second set and puts on her “Sandy” costume – you know, tight black pants, a sexy top, and high heels.  She calls up Bob to be her Danny Zuko and together they set us all rocking to “You’re the One That I Want.”  Those of you who know Bob Lauri, know that he is a giant ham and it doesn’t take a whole lot to get him in front of an audience, and when it is the lovely Elizabeth that is asking, he fairly flies to the microphone. Naturally, they continue right into “Summer Lovin’.”  Then Bob leaves Elizabeth to her amazing rendition of “Hopelessly Devoted to You” as Bob and I join a few other couples for a romantic slow dance. 

                As the night winds down, I look around and gather a few images to remember this night by –the youngest “party pumper”, Ashley, maybe 9 or 10 years old, asks a young boy to dance and he, too shy, hides his face in his dad’s shirt.  The tourist, recovering from knee surgery, who shows us that you can still do the twist, even in a chair, if only you will try. Pink fuzzy slippers girl is cuddling in a booth with her honey. Bob gives Elizabeth a break and belts out “Teenager in Love” (he really OWNS that song!). And Buz Whelan, drinking chocolate martinis, calls out for Elizabeth to sing “Memories” which, of course, she does, and we all can’t imagine any night that could be better than this.

                That’s the way it should beee-eee (wah-wah-wah-wa-aah!)

What is a “Judge of Elections”

What is a Judge of Election? 

Judges of election are responsible for the administration of election procedures in the polling place on election day. They are in the position of ensuring that the election process is administered fairly and in accordance with our laws.

 What are the qualifications necessary to be an election judge?

 be a citizen of the United States;

be of good repute and character;

be able to speak, read and write the English language;

be skilled in the four fundamental rules of mathematics;

be of good understanding and capable; and

not be a candidate for any office in the election and not be elected committeeman.

 What are some of the duties of Judges of Election?

 to open and close the polls;

to be responsible for all election materials;

to ensure that only qualified voters are permitted to vote and that each qualified voter is permitted to vote once and only once;

to ensure that all votes are cast in secret;

to give instructions in the method of voting when requested by a voter;

to give assistance to illiterate and physically disabled voters;

to maintain order in the polling place throughout the day;

to tally the vote after the polls are closed; and

to certify the election results in that precinct.

(copied from the following source – )

August Scheduled Events (subject to change, call ahead)

August 3 Pine Tree – Dizzy Bat Relay! 2pm

August 4Meet the candidates- 10am – 1pm at the Community Center1pm – Workin’ at the CAR WASH!! –

Community Center Parking Lot – All donations will be 
given to American Cancer Society, Relay of the 
Mountain! Kids, bring your buckets and let’s help 
kick cancer’s BUTT!!
9am – 6pm – Basketball Tournament – Community 
Center courts – Registration 9am, $10 registration fee –
Games begin 11am

August 5

1pm – Community Center – Do you like 

Broadway? Singing? Acting?There is a role for 
everyone! Join us for the beginning of a great production 
of a classic fairytale story with an ELA twist! Sign ups a 
must! Play practices will be announced and held in 

August 10 

Community Center Basketball courts – 1pm 

– Basketball Games!!
7pm – Community Center- Family Feud! Battle for a 

August 11 Town Hall Meeting 10am at the Community CenterCommunity Center – Classic Fairytale 

Performance!! Details at August 5th meeting.
6pm – Community Center Lawn – Flag Football

August 12-Pine Tree – Fishing!

August 14 1pm – Outdoor Pool – Hunt for a 

4pm – Outdoor Pool- Water Bucket Relay!

August 18
 2pm – Close the season in style! Kids 

Outdoor Pool Party!
Community Center – 7pm Teen Dance Party ELA!Volunteer Appreciation / New Member Party

August 25

Annual meeting at the Pocono Mountain West High School

Alternate activities will be held at the same time on the same 
days if inclement weather presents.For more 

information please contact Heather Kelly, at 570-643-3395 or call the Community Center at 570-646-8118!

Hello Emerald Lakes Members!

Welcome to the Emerald Lakes Free Press.

In response to the Emerald Lakes Board of Directors’ vote to seize control of the Emerald News, thereby attempting to silence the exchange of information, news, and opinions of its members, we announce the Emerald Lakes Free Press blog.  I am Lola Lauri, former editor-in-chief of the Emerald News.  Along with Buz Whelan, former managing editor, we pledge to use this page as place to inform and discuss issues that relate to ELA residents and their families.

Give us some time to get our thoughts together and if you have an idea or an suggestion for something you would like to see on this page, please leave a comment and let us know.

Happy Fourth of July

Enjoy the fireworks. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

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