Motor Vehicles and Road Usage Rules


1.  Motor Vehicles which are State-Licensed for use on the public highways may be operated on the roads and vehicle parking areas of the Emerald Lakes Community. Such vehicles must:

1.1  have a valid registration issued by the owner’s State of residency;

1.2  display a current license plate, inspection sticker, and, if required, emissions test certificate; and

1.3  be covered by at least the minimum liability and property damage insurance required by the State of registry.

2. Motor vehicles which are not licensable by the State of Pennsylvania for use on the public roadways are expressly prohibited and may not be operated within the Emerald Lakes Community. Such vehicles shall include, but not be limited, to “off-road” recreational vehicles, mini-bikes, dirt-bikes, all terrain vehicles, snowmobiles and go-carts. (Exception to this rule is electric powered vehicles such as golf carts.)

3. Electric powered vehicles such as golf carts may be used on Emerald Lakes roads and must be registered with the Association office.

4.  Motor vehicles operated, parked or stored within the Emerald Lakes Community by Association Members, Family Members, and Tenants are required to be currently registered, licensed, display a current vehicle inspection sticker and Association issued identification.

5.  All operators of motor vehicles must have a valid driver’s license, which has not been revoked or suspended, issued by the operator’s State of residency. Any person possessing a junior license shall not drive after midnight.

6.  While in the Emerald Lakes Community, operators of motor vehicles are required to abide by all Pennsylvania State, County, Municipal and Emerald Lakes Community special motor vehicle rules and regulations. All posted traffic signs must be obeyed.

  7. No vehicle may be parked on our roads at any time day or night. All roads must be kept free for emergency vehicles, road paving and repair, and snow plowing. (Exceptions – vehicles making a delivery or doing or supporting construction.) If you are having a party, permission must be obtained from our Community Manager so the vehicles can park on the road or designated area for this gathering. Failure to adhere to these rules, will result in the vehicles being considered illegally parked and will be fined and may be towed away at the vehicle owner’s expense.

8.  Emerald Lakes community special motor vehicle rules are as follows:

8.1 Security personnel are authorized to control the use of vehicles in the community with respect to the registration and safety of the vehicle and the obedience of the driver to traffic rules.

8.2  The speed limit on Emerald Lakes roads is as posted throughout the Community, with a maximum of 20 miles per hour.

8.3  Vehicles without a current registration, license, and/or current inspection sticker, and may not be operated, parked or stored in the community.

8.4 Unlicensed drivers may not operate any motor vehicle in the community.

8.5  Vehicles are not permitted on any Community property except the roads and designated parking areas.

8.6  Abandoned or inoperable motor vehicles are NOT permitted within the Community, whether on Common Areas or private property. Such vehicles will be removed immediately from the Common Areas or private property at the vehicle owner’s expense. (For clarification of this rule, an abandoned or inoperable motor vehicle is a vehicle that is inoperable or does not display a current valid license plate and/or a current, valid inspection sticker.

8.7  The owner of a motorized vehicle, as well as the operator, shall be held responsible for any property damage or personal injury arising out of the operation of that vehicle.

8.8  It shall be a chargeable offense if a driver of any motorized vehicle should refuse to bring the vehicle to a stop or should flee when given a visual or audible signal by security personnel to bring the vehicle to a stop. The signal may be by hand, voice, emergency lights or siren.

8.9  There shall be no passing on any Association road. No vehicle shall be operated in such a manner that shall constitute reckless endangerment or endangering the life of others.

9. Those homeowners owning commercial vehicles of any kind are not permitted to park said vehicles on their driveway.


1.  The placement and/or use of personal property including but not limited to athletic equipment such as portable roadside basketball hoops and skateboard ramps, as well as garbage receptacles, trash, and permanent structures within the Association’s road right-of-way is prohibited. The Association’s road right-of-way is at least 50 feet and begins at the owner’s property line.

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