Schedule of Fines

Updated 9/25/2012 from a document that states it is effective February 1, 2012


Alarm Rules

False House Alarm                             $25.00 per alarm after 2 warnings during 12 month period

Burning                                                 $500

Garbage, Trash, Unsightly Property Rules

           Dumping                                           $100.00

Contractor Dumping                       $500.00

Unsightly Property                           $ 50.00 first offense / $100.00 subsequent offenses

Dumping for members

not in good standing              $500.00

Motor Vehicle Rules

Use of Prohibited or Unregistered Vehicles in ELA:

– off-road recreational vehicles

– mini bikes, dirt bikes

– all terrain vehicles

– snowmobiles

– go carts                     $750.00 / $1,000 subsequent offenses

Any currently unlicensed vehicle

operated, stored or parked

within Emerald Lakes                                        $100.00 per vehicle

Any vehicle not displaying the ELA

issued identification specified in

Motor Vehicle Rules.                            $25.00 first offense / $50 subsequent offenses

Dangerous Passing                  $100.00

Failing to Stop                         $ 50.00

Illegal Parking                          $ 50.00

Speeding                                  $ 50.00 (21-40 mph per radar)

$100.00 (over 40 mph per radar)

Failure to yield right-of-way to

Emergency or security vehicles                        $100.00

Reckless endangerments/

Endangering the lives of others                       $500.00

Pet Rules                                             1st offense – Warning

2nd offense – $100.oo fine

3rd offense – $200.oo fine

Public Nuisance Rule                       A $200.oo fine will be issued for any conditions that will disturb

the peace of the community.

A $500.00 per offense if proper attire is not worn at all times in the

restroom; or if a cover up is not worn while using the sauna.

Rental Rules

Failure to Register Tenant                  $200.00

Sign Rules

Vandalism/Removal of`                     $ 50.00 first offense

Property Number sign                        $100.00 each subsequent offense

Unauthorized posting of signs              $100.00/each

Weapons Rules

Carrying a Weapon                                          $ 500.00

Discharging a Weapon                                    $ 750.00

Killing or attempting to harm any animal       $1,500.00


Disorderly Conduct                             $100.00 + suspension of member privileges

Harrassment, aggression or use        $500.00 fine

of derogatory language towards

staff or community members

Other Violations                                $ 50.00 first offense

$ 75.00 second offense

$100.00 third offense

$200.00 subsequent offenses & suspension of member privileges

Interference with a Security Officer

while in performance of duties                         $100.00

Evading or eluding Security                             $100.00

NOTE:                Applicable administration costs may be added to the fines identified on the listed above.

  1. Fines plus additional charges are payable within fifteen (15) days from the citation receipt date.
  2. Suspension of member privileges start on the date of the citation.
  3. Members wishing to appeal a citation or a disciplinary action by the Board of Directors must file a written appeal addressed to the Board, care of the Community Manager, within fifteen (15) days of receipt of the citation or notice of disciplinary action. Appeals will be processed as indicated within Enforcement of Rules section of the Rules and Regulations.
  4. Failure to pay any fines plus charges within fifteen (15) days from citation receipt date results in doubling of the unpaid fine and cited party being considered not in good standing of the Association.  The exception will be if a written appeal is submitted within the 15 days of receipt of the citation.

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