Hunting and Fishing Rules


  1. Hunting is strictly forbidden.
  2. Wildlife is not to be harassed or abused.
  3. The Community is under the control and within the jurisdiction of the Pennsylvania Game Commission.
  4. Fishing in the lakes within the Emerald Lakes Community is only permitted by Association Members, Family Members, Tenants and their Guests is permitted.
  5. Catch and Release Program for all lakes – This is only bass. It does not include the smaller fish (crappies, sunfish and perch) as per the Fish and Game Commission. Be advised that[This rule expires October 30, 2011]. Be advised that a One Hundred Dollar ($100) fine will be issued to anyone not adhering to this program.
  6. All persons must display a valid Pennsylvania fishing license and Association issued identification while fishing in the community lakes.
  7. The use of the lakes for fishing and boating is subject to the Fish and Boat Code and Regulations of the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission.

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