Rules & Regs Part 1


1.                                                 Emerald Lakes is a private, patrolled, recreational, residential Community. All real property within the Community is privately owned by the Association Members, either individually as residential building lots or collectively through the Association as Common Areas and Community Recreational Facilities. The Association is a Pennsylvania Non-Profit Corporation chartered for the purpose of performing all of the duties as administrator of the Community. In accordance with its By-Laws, the Association and the Community are governed by a Board of Directors elected by the Association Members and this Board has all of the powers and duties required to perform the purposes for which the Association was formed.

2.                                                                                    The Board of Directors has approved these Rules & Regulations and Building Procedures to:

(a)                provide a healthful and harmonious environment for community living;

(b)               to protect and preserve property values;

(c)                to enable such action to be taken as may be necessary to prevent or abate conditions which may be inconsistent with the governing documents of the Association and/or with all applicable laws; and

(d)               to protect the health, safety and general welfare of all Property Owners (Association Members) in the Emerald Lakes Community.

3. These Rules and Regulations and Building Procedures supplement all applicable, Federal, State and Municipal law; the Covenants, Restrictions and Limitations (CR&L’s) contained in the individual private property deeds (and as recited in Schedule A forming an integral part of the Association By-Laws); the Association By-Laws; and the Association Operating Policies and Procedures.


  1. These Rules & Regulations and Building Procedures have been adopted by appropriate resolutions of the Board of Directors in accordance with its specified duty as set forth in the By-Laws, Article V, Section 1, paragraph (1), reading as follows: “to adopt and publish rules and regulations governing the use of the Common Areas and Community Recreational Facilities and the personal conduct of the Members of the Association and their guests thereon, and for the health, comfort, safety, and general welfare of the members within the Community, including but not limited to regulation of parking, storing, or standing of vehicles, machinery, equipment, trailers, and/or components thereof, and to amend the same from time to time as when approved by appropriate resolutions.”
  2. Authority to enforce these Rules and Regulations and Building Procedures is established by Article XI of the Association By-Laws.

3. Community Regulations Committee: The C.R.C. is established to perform such duties as described hereafter, all overseen by the General Manager. They shall review, no less than quarterly, the records of the Code Enforcement Officer, to confirm that these records are kept in a complete and orderly fashion and in compliance with these Rules and Regulations. At the regular C.R.C. meetings, the committee shall also view, for any modification, an itemized report of all approvals prepared by the CEO.


These Rules and Regulations and Building Procedures shall apply to all persons while they are on the private property of the Emerald Lakes Community.


1. The Association Common Areas and Community recreational facilities are privately-owned, restricted and are reserved solely for the use, benefit and enjoyment of the Association Members, Family Members, Renters, and Guests, providing all such persons are in good standing of the Association.

2. The Association, through its Board of Directors or a duly established designee, shall have the power to suspend, discipline or otherwise take action against any Association Members, for conduct which, in its sole judgment, may endanger the welfare, interest or character of the Association or its members, or for any conduct representing violations of the Covenants, By-Laws, Rules & Regulations, Building Procedures and Policies and Procedures of the Association.

3. The obligation of membership shall include, but not be limited to:

(a) compliance at all times with the Covenants, By-Laws, Rules & Regulations, Building Procedures, and the Policies and Procedures of the Association, including the responsibility for like compliance by Family Members, Renters, Guests, suppliers and contractors;

(b) payment of all financial obligations due the Association as provided for in the By-Laws; and

(c) responsibility for all damages attributed to the Member, his/her Family Members, Renters, Guests, suppliers and Contractors.

4. A Member who has been declared “not in good standing of the Association” for violation of the Covenants, By-Laws, Rules & Regulations, Building Procedures, Policies and Procedures, or for any other reason:

(a) the number of lots owned shall be barred from exercising his/her privileges of membership, regardless of by the Member;

(b) may not use or enter the Common Areas and Community Recreational Facilities (except for ingress/egress to his/her place of residence), otherwise he/she will be considered a trespasser as defined by the Crimes Code of Pennsylvania, Chapter 35, subsection 3503, titled “DEFIANT TRESPASS”. Such offenders will be prosecuted through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania courts; and

(c) the restrictions of (a) and (b) above shall apply to the Member directly involved as well as all other Members, Family Members, Renters, and Guests from the same property.



TREE CUTTING AND REMOVAL: Trees measuring 3″ or more in diameter (outside bark to outside bark) measured at a height of 36″ above the ground shall be not be removed unless approved by the Code Enforcement Officer.  All requests must be submitted in writing on the prescribed Tree Removal Request.  Failure to obtain prior approval will result in the fines specified within the Schedule of Fines.

EMERGENCY CONTACT:   Association Members must submit to the Administration Office an emergency contact telephone number in the event of fire, police activity, or any other emergency that might occur. Members are required to keep this information updated at all times.

MISUSE OF THE 911 EMERGENCY SYSTEM – In the event you cannot reach security and are reporting a non-emergency situation such as a stolen bike, a dog continuously barking, pass a house with broken windows or door open – DO NOT DIAL 911. The police non-emergency number is (570) 992-9911.

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