Lake, Beach and Picnic Area Rules


1. Ice skating is prohibited on any lake. Doing so will be at your own risk.  However, ice skating is permitted at the designated area located near the main entrance.

2. The primary responsibility of the lifeguards is the safety of the swimmers.  Lifeguards have the authority to order any offender of the rules out of the water for any portion of the day they deem appropriate at their sole discretion. Chronic offenders lose their right to use the Community Recreational Facilities.

3. Socializing with or distracting lifeguards while they are on duty is prohibited. No loitering or congregating is permitted.

4. Swimming in the Association-owned lakes at all times shall be at your own risk. Diving and/or swimming off boats and/or off bridges is prohibited. For safety precaution, all lake front activities require children wear life jackets.

5. Signage at each designated swimming area shall indicate whether or not a lifeguard is on duty. When on duty, the lifeguard shall:

5.1 Maintain order.

5.2 Enforce the posted beach rules.

5.3  Assist swimmers in case of an emergency. NOTE: Lifeguards are not permitted to perform “babysitting duties”.

6. Rules posted at the designated swimming areas shall be adhered to at all times. These include but are limited to:

6.1  Swimming is always at your own risk.

6.2  No swimming is permitted outside of buoy lines.

6.3  Containers and/or objects made of glass except for prescription eyeglasses are prohibited in the beach areas.

6.4 Pets are not permitted in the lakes, swim or beach areas.

6.5 Water toys may be used in designated swim areas unless the area is too crowded as determined by the lifeguard on duty.

6.6  Running, pushing or other horseplay is not permitted.

6.7 Children must be accompanied by an adult, parent or guardian at all times.

7. Picnicking is limited to the designated areas and all trash shall be placed in the provided containers. Household trash/garbage is not to be deposited in these containers.

8. Cooking devices shall be supervised at all times by an adult and must be completely extinguished and wet down before leaving.

9. Damage to trees and shrubs is prohibited.

10. Picnic areas and beaches must be left clean and unlittered.

11.  Association-issued identification shall be worn or available to be shown when requested by authorized personnel while using the lakes, beaches and picnic areas.

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