Board of Directors Open Meeting summary – July 28, 2012

Buz Whelan

     The board made several decisions at their July Open Meeting that will affect many residents. Perhaps the most noticeable will be the street name signs. Responding to member requests, the board voted to allot $3,500 for the purchase of signs so that every intersection will have a street name sign for each of the intersecting roadways. In some cases this will be the erection of a double sign, in others a single cross street sign will be added to complete the signage. There are both safety and quality of life issues in play here. In spite of the fact that most emergency vehicles rely on gps guidance systems, those systems can be mis-programmed or confusing to understand at times. The signage will provide visual confirmation of location. And for those of us who have had visitors get lost in our labyrinthine road system the signs promise to be saviors.

     Also funded was the purchase of a 4 x 4 dump body truck in the amount of $50,000, to be paid for out of the reserve fund.  This is for a brand new vehicle which was originally delivered to the dealer as a demonstration model and is fully equipped. Director Joe Miller found the buy and assisted GM Allen Roth in arranging the purchase. Normally, this fully-loaded vehicle would have cost far more. We had a mild past Winter in which the inadequacy of our plowing fleet was not severely tested. Should we have a more typical Pocono Winter this year, the truck will fill an important role.

     Treasurer Earl Frank reported that we are under budget on expenses and over on revenue, but he cautioned that only 2 months into the fiscal year it is too soon to see any dependable trends.

     In other business, the GM reported that the billboard proposal for areas along I80 and I380 is pretty much dead in the water since a needed zoning variance was turned down by the township. There was also discussion on the possibility of group-discounted water testing and this will be investigated. It was also announced that a draft audit report has been submitted by the auditor. Additional money was appropriated to complete tiling in the Community Center. To match the areas already tiled (main room, hallways and bar area) the board has decided to add the entrance foyer and the game room.

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