Annual Meeting – Manager’s Report

Lola Lauri

The following is excerpted from the Manager’s report delivered by Allen Roth at the August 25th Annual Meeting: 

  1. I  would like to report on the operations of the Emerald Lakes Association since the start of the new fiscal year on May 1 of this year. This report is not all inclusive but a highlight of the operations thus far and what we have accomplished.
  • Computer equipment upgrades
  • TOPS programs and website
  • Developed SOP’s for all department operations – make us become more efficient
  • Implemented attendance recording procedures for all amenities
  • Implemented recreation programs throughout the summer season for youth and adult
  • Contracted Kipcon to conduct a Reserve Study
  • Painted the interior of the Community Center
  • Removed carpet & installed new porcelain tile in Community Center
  • Replaced vinyl on bar, installed new table cloths and drapes in Community Center
  • Purchased and installed new street name signs and stop signs and trimmed intersections back
  • Performed numerous road patching and repair and construction of storm drainage ditches and pipes.
  • Painted yellow line on main roads in community
  • Installed certified playground mulch under all play structures
  • Repaired, painted and renumbered all the boat racks throughout  the community
  • Repaired cracks and painted both tennis courts adjacent to the outdoor pool
  • Replaced the roof on the Pinetree restroom building and painted both the interior and exterior of the building
  • Purchased and installed additional sand for the beaches and sand volleyball court
  • Upgraded the security cameras in many areas
  1.  What are we going to do for the members in the coming months?
    • Use the Reserve Study and work with the Finance and Planning Committee and the Board of Directors to complete a five year plan
    • Add additional road signs so that every intersection is labeled
    • RFP has been sent out for the repair and paving of roads in the community, approximately $235,000 will be spent on paving
    • The floating bogs on East and West Emerald Lake will be removed this fall
    • A new septic system will be installed at the Administration and maintenance building
    • New fence will be installed in front of the play structure at main beach and concrete ballards or boulders installed
    • Continue to develop and coordinate new recreation activities and events

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