Cancer Awareness Day a Huge Success

by Buz Whelan

  By any measure – attendance, enthusiasm or money raised – Cancer Awareness Day held in and around the Emerald Lakes Community Center was a great success. According to chief organizer June Solla, the event raised $1,500 for cancer research.

The day started with a buffet breakfast, continued with a car wash and that led into late afternoon entertainment

The newly-decorated dining room looks wonderful!

with Adrienne ‘Lady A’ Carver and Mike Gregorio providing musical performances and Adel Rivera doing facepainting. There was a Tricky Tray auction that began in the early afternoon and culminated with a drawing of winners between 6:30 and 7:00 pm. Over 100 items were donated for the auction including artwork, and themed

Some of the swag from the Tricky Tray.

baskets for such things as “A Night at the Movies,” “Italian Dinner,” and “Cat’s Delight.” And because the day became an all-day festival with people eating, drinking and visiting with each other even the Center itself profited with receipts up over $400 above normal. And since all the work and materials were donated, there was no cost to the association.

One young participant with her lovely face painting.

The event was supported by the Women’s Club and the 50+ Club and numerous volunteers, among them Eileen Avrich, Delores Amadio, Paul Capozzoli, Henry Chieffo, Melanie DePerro, Rich DePerro, Rachel D. Douglas, Margaret Fitzgerald, Dennis Green, Alex Leslie, Connie Lewis, ‘Cookie’ Litweinski, Joe Olall, Karen Peloubet, and Kay Ricciuto. Of course, without the prodigious efforts of June Solla, this event may not even have happened. For months June has been organizing, promoting and securing materials. She was tireless in her efforts and deserves a big ‘thank you’ from the community.

The bingo crowd, showing their support.


Washing cars in the rain. What good sports!


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