Who We are NOT


Lola Lauri

We got a letter this weekend, from the ELA Inc. board, and we have decided to just give them what they want, so they can sleep better at night and stop wasting money on this “non-problem”.  But what are they so worried about?   Here’s my take on what happened:

Since the ELA board just won’t play nice

They shelled out your cash for legal advice

On how to shut down the EL Free Press

That seeks to shed light on their ongoing mess.

It seems the lawyer said don’t overreach

We live in a land that values free speech.

The best you can do is send them a note,

And try to scare them. So they took a vote.

Then GM Roth got a paper and pen,

And asked us to say that we’re us and not them.

But just to be clearer, right on this spot

We’re gonna say ALL of the things that we’re not:

We proudly say we’re not E-L-A inc,

We don’t want to be, we think that they stink.

We don’t say we’re them, and we never will

But it seems that they’re afraid of us still.

If you choose to do an internet search

There’s Emerald town and Emerald Church.

A Florida group has chosen to take

The exact same name of Emerald Lake.

Emerald Lake, Texas, Emerald City,

And Emerald rings are very pretty.

You can go and buy an Emerald gem,

But that’s not us and it’s also not them.

We live in Emerald Lakes, it’s true,

But we listen to others and their point of view.

We don’t mind opinions or gentle discord,

You see, we’re not the ELA board.

And by the way, your money’s green too,

But we’re not the ones who take it from you.

That’s ELA inc and their legal advice,

Spending your money without thinking twice.

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