Official Statement of the Board of Directors Concerning the Seat Vacated by June Solla

Lola Lauri

The Board of Directors has asked us to correct what they see as a mis-characterization of their official statement regarding the vacancy on the board.  In our original article, we wrote that “Mr. Glasgow spoke about an incident where Mr. Olall was arrested for illegally recording a conversation”.  Although Mr. Olall did eventually face charges for that incident, Mr. Glasgow did not actually use the word “arrest”.  Below is their actual statement on this matter, and we regret the confusion:

“Pursuant to Article V, Section 6 of the bylaws, if the office of any Director shall become vacant by reason of resignation, the remaining Directors shall choose a successor to fill that seat.  The successor is to be the member who received the next highest vote tally from the most recent annual meeting. While Joseph Olall received the next highest vote tally in the 2014 election and annual meeting, the Directors believe that it is not in the best interest of the community to allow Mr. Olall to be seated as a Director based upon prior actions taken by Mr. Olall while he was serving as a Director in 2010: specifically, Mr. Olall’s recording of one or more Board meetings without the knowledge or consent of the remaining Directors and/or the Association attorney at that time.  As a result, Mr. Olall will not be seated as a Director.
The Directors are therefore choosing the person with the next highest vote tally from the 2014 election and annual meeting to fill the seat: Earl Frank.  Mr. Frank shall hold the office of Director until the 2015 election and annual meeting at which time a candidate shall be elected to fill the seat.”


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  1. Michael V. Gazza

    I’m an attorney representing Joe O’Lall. Please be advised that Mr. O’Lall’s record was EXPUNGED pertaining to the events of 2010.
    The expungement means that the arrest, charges, and results of this matter cannot legally be held against Mr. O’Lall.
    As an internet publication, you can be held liable for printing about his arrest or charges because you failed to also publish that the case was dismissed and expunged.

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