February 28, 2015 Monthly Open Meeting

Lola Laurimeeting[1]
Due to the Community Center closing and renovations, this month’s meeting was held in the Tunkhannock Township building on Long Pond road.
In his President’s comments, Dan Glasgow commended his fellow directors for all the work they have been doing. He mentioned their work on the various committees and projects and said that he was honored to serve with these men and women and was proud of their work to date. He also mentioned that management is working with the township to resolve the matter of who is responsible for certain disputed roads in Blueberry Estates.
After an adjustment for an amount recorded incorrectly, the minutes from last month’s meeting were approved.
Next, Buz Whelan presented the Treasurer’s report. The highlights included the fact that the Community Center was significantly under budget for January (because it is closed), and that we are catching up on the amount of dues collected compared to last year at this time. He also reported that our collections attorney had already surpassed the amount collected for all of the previous year, due to more aggressive collection practices and support from the Board to pursue these accounts.
In the Management report, Judy Kennedy reported that an insurance policy to cover all ice activities, including ice fishing would cost an estimated $7,500/year, and that the Board had decided to table this issue at its workshop, given that the winter was coming to a close (at least we all hope it is). She expected construction and repairs to begin in the pool area and in the Bingo room next week. Responding to complaints about members and private plow truck drivers leaving snow in the roads, she stated that citations are being given out to the homes involved, and that cars parked on the roads were being stickered and towed. Glasgow asked that members speak to their plow truck drivers and remind them to keep the snow off the roadways. He suggested that snow should be removed for several feet on each side of the driveway to avoid getting plowed back in by the community plow trucks clearing the roads. Kennedy continued by reminding members that “Walk in Wednesday” hours were from 1:30-3:30 and that Mr. Glasgow would also attend on the third Wednesday of each month. She said that the next open meeting would be on March 28th, and would also be in the Township building. The room is being provided by the township at no cost, and she thanked them for their help and cooperation.

Brad Jones continued the report, discussing the Community Center renovation project. He noted that the budget will be posted on the website. The project will include replacement of the two current boilers with one boiler to serve both the building and the pool, a new HVAC system, cleaning and painting of the pool and replacement of the exterior walls and doors, installation of walls and windows in the bingo room, and renovation of the dining area. He estimated that $152k would remain in the reserves after completion, and added that an additional $200k would also go into the reserves from the February dues collections. They have made the decision to switch the CC to propane because its price is less volatile, and it burns more efficiently than heating oil. He said that the Falcon report estimated a payback on the boiler of 2-3 years. Glasgow put in that he believed the whole project would pay for itself in 10 years at the outside.

Addressing a complaint from a tenant in the Community, the board declined to give prorated refunds to renters for the period of the CC closing. In their discussion, Glasgow and Whelan stated that the renter agreement included all amenities, not just the Community Center, and that renters would also benefit from the improvements being made at the center. It was also noted that they could not give refunds to some people and not to others, and that this was a shared sacrifice, being made by all to obtain better and newer recreation services in the building. No one at the meeting spoke in favor of the refunds and the Board unanimously voted against issuing any refunds.

Resolution #55 to approve the expenditure of approximately $24k on the pool room repairs and $10k on the Bingo room renovation was passed unanimously.

Resolution #56 to approve a budget of $40k for the Ad Hoc committee renovations, furniture and décor in the CC was approved 6-1, with Earl Frank voting against the matter. Mr. Frank stated that he believed the project should be completed, but that the budget was too high and that $20 – 25k would be enough.
Resolution #57 allowed for a meeting to be held to determine if there was enough of an interest in forming a parent’s club. It was unanimously approved.

The third and final reading of resolution #49 (the banning of ice fishing) was also completed.

Public Comments
Bill Henry asked how the pool water would be heated if there was only one boiler. Brad Jones responded that there would be intake and outflow lines installed to and from the boiler, leading to the pool.
Joe Olall asked how much of the renovation money being spent was coming from the money promised to be allocated to the roads at the time of the last dues increase. Jones answered that none of the funding for the project was coming from the road budget. Commenting on the estimated 10 year payback from Mr. Glasgow, Olall asked if there was any research stating this information. Jones referred him to the Falcon report for the 2-3 year estimated payback on the boiler, and he said that it was difficult to determine the same information for the HVAC but that we will see the return in energy savings, less heat expenditures, the use of fewer chemicals (less humid air equals less need for chemicals in the pool), and less wear and tear on the building from excess humidity. Finally, Olall asked who the propane supplier would be. Jones said that they would be obtaining bids in the future.

Buz Whelan asked Mr. Olall if he could provide a list of the current members of the community Propane buyers’ club, so that we can use that information to renegotiate the best prices when necessary. Olall seemed either reluctant or unable to provide a list of participating members and argued that Modern has been and remains the best choice for propane, in spite of their recent rate increase. Whelan continued that without a list of members, the club has no way of using its negotiating power to keep Modern from instituting further increases. Bob Leon suggested that we could also form a buyers’ club for electricity as well.

Kathy Leach asked if the renovation proposal included the replacement of the exit doors in the pool area that have become rusted and dangerous to use. Jones said that although it was not included in that specific proposal, those doors would be replaced by the end of March.

Kevin Marsland asked if the “math error” in the previous month’s minutes was simply an error in the minutes or if it would effect the financials as well. Whelan said it was an error in the minutes. Marsland commended Ms. Kennedy on the improved condition of the roads and then asked if we had buried oil tanks and were there any concerns about leaks from those. Jones said that they would be checking for leaks when the ground is thawed.

In what may have been the shortest meeting I have ever attended, we all happily adjourned at just past 10:30.

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