December 10, 2016 Monthly Open Board Meeting


by Kathy Leslie-Whelan

President Diane Caldwell opened the meeting with an upbeat President’s Message. Taking a ‘where does the time go’ approach, she briefly enumerated the accomplishments of the year. New road paving, the first since 2006, general road maintenance and more. She especially thanked the Events Committee, and then cited the work of Betty Goodline, Lola Lauri and CC manager Karina D’Angelo for their work in decorating the community center for the holidays. She said the board would continue to move forward, finishing the many projects underway to improve the community. She also expressed condolences on the death of Director Buz Whelan’s brother and wished that Bob Lauri a speedy and full recovery. She wished all health, happiness and prosperity in the new year and concluded with season’s greeting, a happy holiday and happy New Year to all.

Treasurer’s Report: In summary, Treasurer Stefania Johnson reported that while dues are down $53K over the same period last year, delinquent collections are up $91K. Reserves are at $416K, operating fund at $344K. All departments (Administration, Maintenance, Public Safety and Community Center) are near or under budget, though the center is about $5K over budget at the current time. The unusually high cost of operation for the Bar & Grill for September of $5K plus was reduced to approximately $1.6K in October. A detailed inventory being currently prepared may also reduce the number for September.

Management Report: After wishing all a joyous holiday season, Manager Judy Kennedy reminded members that complaints and concerns should be addressed through proper channels rather than on the unofficial Facebook page. Members may contact the administration office or use the official ‘address the board’ option on the ELA website.

Northeast Financial would like to meet with the board to go over risk tolerance and general investment policy for the association’s investment account.

Completed SOPs were distributed to the board at the 12/1 workshop.

Updates from the attorney on the status of delinquent accounts requiring legal action. The abstract company will provide status updates on the properties being researched.

Auditor selection – 3 firms are being scheduled for interview. Director Buz Whelan pointed out that Zavada, our auditor for 20 years, was not among them and because of past good service should be included. Kennedy said she would contact them. Also, Joe Gallagher is preparing a protocol to deal with the invasive plant fanwort and is looking at the possibility of a grant. A full report is expected for the January open meeting. Don Atkiss is going to report on the monarch butterfly project and wants to have planning sessions in January and March in preparation for a workshop by mid-May.

Under general maintenance, GOE had submitted revised, corrected reports on the dams. The dehumidification system project is proceeding and a concrete pad for the unit will be poured soon. Pocono Spray Patch started working on the approved areas. Line Striping had been completed on 5 miles of roadway. Permits have been secured and the shed to store Events Committee materials will be scheduled for delivery. Kramer Sheds is the vendor. Vehicles and equipment have been prepared for winter and materials have been ordered. Toys for Tots donations were accepted at Admin office and CC until 12/18. Donations for AWSOM, the animal shelter will be accepted until 12/31.

Directors’ Comments: Bob Leon suggested that we have a standard procedure for setting up standard procedures, so that changes would be made in the same way every time. He also suggested a weekly email blast containing all necessary notifications.

Committee Reports: Dan Glasgow, Events Committee, spoke on the tree decorating event and Storytime with Santa. Also there will be a New Year’s party and interested people should sign up. He also suggested that the bar and grill be open for parents during children’s events. He asked that the possibility of a group baby sitter for children of members attending adult events be explored. Ken Shuey, Mainenance Committee chair, wants better landscaping to remove obscuring vegetation in front of entrance signs. Reminded that lake maintenance needed to be done rapidly, and if any other vendors were looked at it should be done forthwith. He stated that cold patch of potholes was working well. Committee liaison Director Whelan added that a permanent replacement for road and bridge advisor Fred Spot be named. Also the pothole hotline should be called the ‘road hazard hotline’ and should be publicized and monitored.

Public Comments: Linda Shuey, repeatedly emphasizing that she was speaking only for herself, said that the process of approving Rule and Regulation changes needed to be improved. Bill Folger suggested that waste slag be used as filler/base on dirt roads and topped with tar and chip. He suggested that haulers moving this type of waste be contacted for possible drop off here. Lola Lauri suggested that the outdoor smoking area at the CC be enclosed. Currently smokers prop open the self-locking exit door so they could easily return, thus allowing much heat to escape.

Editor’s Note: I regret that personal issues interfered with the timely reporting of this meeting. -Kathy Leslie-Whelanmeeting[1]

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