Emerald Lakes Board of Directors Open Meeting, January 28, 2023

By Kathy Leslie-Whelan

          The meeting was called to order at 9:30 AM.  Six board members were present.  Connie Simpson was absent.  General Manager Darryl Gamble and Assistant General Manager, Nicole Clemens was also present.  After the pledge of allegiance, Buz Whelan, President called for a motion to approve December’s open board meeting minutes. After discussions and minor changes to spelling and adding titles a motion was made by Dave Borsos and seconded by Chris Claude.  It passed unanimously.   Whelan further stated that “pursuant to Article V, Section 6 of the Emerald Lakes Association Bylaws, should a vacancy occur, a successor is chosen from the next highest vote tally of the most recent Annual Meeting.  Director Steve Kavanagh having resigned and left the community; such a vacancy was created.  Therefore, Michael Camino having gotten the next highest vote tallies at the August 20, 2022 Annual Meeting is hereby installed as a director on the Emerald Lake Board.  He shall serve until the next Annual Meeting when a director shall be elected to fill the unexpired term”. In addition, since Steve Kavanagh held the secretary board position with Bill Baehr as the backup, Baehr was nominated to fill the position permanently.  Chris Claude made the motion to elect Baehr as Secretary.  It was seconded by Bob Leon.  Baehr was elected unanimously. 

Dave Borsos gave the Treasurer’s report for December.  Currently we are $112K over budget on collection of dues.  Dues collected for December were $63K and Year to Date (YTD) $1.3M.  Rental income is $541K YTD.  Code Enforcement Officer fines are $5K under budget.  Bar and Grill income for December was $4.9K and $37K YTD   Income totals YTD are $2.2M.  Total expenses are $1.9M YTD.  Cash assets are $624K; Reserve funds are $829K; Investment account is $128K.  A motion was made by Bob Leon to accept the Treasurer’s report.  It was seconded by Chris Claude and passed unanimously.

Discussions on the bar and grill ensued.  The cost for food and drink will be broken down and an inventory on stock will be done weekly to determine what the actual costs are for the food and beverages.  In some cases food has to be ordered by the case, so some food is in inventory and will be used at another time.

Under Old Business:

  • Discussions were held on inviting people into the community that are not member but live in the footprint of the Association or next to our properties.  Accurate mailing lists need to be developed. 
  • An electric sign will be installed, most likely at the main entrance.  It will be informative on events or information as to issues in the community.  A lucite or similar cover will be used to avoid vandalism.
  • Currently a form is being developed by Gamble, Clemens and Claude.  The membership will be required to have their septic systems pumped and maintained on a regular basis.

Under New Business

  • Discussions were held on a proposed dues increase.  There are two large projects that are critical to the Association.  The first project was the repair or replacement of the Clover Bridge.  The underneath structure is much deteriorated and may in the future be condemned.  If it is, traffic will have to be rerouted.  This may cause an issue with emergency vehicles and will be an issue for members who use this route often. The second project is the need to replace the Administration building.  Currently there are issues with the outdated electrical wiring which causes a fire hazard.  While snowing it enters the facility which causes mold, mildew and a host of other problems.  The structure is from the 70’s and is in desperate need of replacement.  The plan is to have a modular system built.  This way staff will only be slightly inconvenienced while the structure is being erected.  They will be temporarily relocated to the Community Center (CC).  The dues increase is a 10 year plan with increases of $40.00 every other year. If someone pays quarterly, that is $10.00 per quarter.  This plan addresses membership comments on having more increases with lower dollar increases. This plan will also help to fund the two critical projects.  A motion was made by Baehr to present the increase to the membership and was seconded by Leon.  It passed unanimously.  Another motion was made by Baehr to have the Special Meeting for the proposed dues increase on March 18th.  It was seconded by Borsos and passed unanimously.  It was noted that Claude would not be able to attend this meeting.
  • 2024 will mark the 50th Anniversary of Emerald Lakes becoming an association.  The community was turned over to the Association in 1974.  It was incorporated in 1975.  In 1999, the Association had a 25 year anniversary celebration so in 2024 to celebrate our 50 year Anniversary a big event will be planned.  A brochure will be developed on the 50 year history which will include pictures. 

Committee Reports    

Kathy Whelan spoke on behalf of Finance and Planning (F&P).   The meeting was held on January 20th.  Ms. Whelan stated that the committee discussed the two large projects that are critical to the Association and the dues increase 10 year plan.  Every member of the committee supported the board’s proposal for the increase. The numbers on the financials show that our collection rate currently is at 72.96% which is very good.  Currently dues collected for the first 8 months total $1.3M.  Rental income is at $22K for the month of December with YTD income at $541K.; Code Enforcement violations were $112K YTD with a negative variance of $4K;  Bar and Grill income for the month of December were $4,900 while costs were $2,976 for the bar and $3,224 for the grill.  The next budget will have a finer breakdown of categories for the bar and grill such as office supplies, equipment, food, liquor, etc;  Total income has a positive variance of $276K YTD with total income at $2.2M YTD; money was moved from public safety to capital for the procurement of the two vehicles; total expenses are $1.9M YTD; $676K is in reserves; collections reported for December are $67.8K, where in house collections were $59K which represents 94% of collections;.  YTD collections are $862.9K; interest on investments is $59.87.  The next scheduled meeting of F&P will be held on Friday, February 17th at the Administration building.

Bob Leon reported on the Real Estate committee that discussions were held on continuing projects.  Ted Wolski added that the committee is currently planning an event where new and existing landlords get together to meet.

          Appeals Committee met and Bill Baehr reported that they held 3 appeals hearings.  Two fines were reduced while one fine was held and paid in full.

Chris Claude reminded everyone of the events that the recreation committee has planned for February.  They are:

  • February 10th is a Valentine Dinner (Movie night cancelled)
  • February 11th is Karaoke
  • February 17th is Trivia night
  • February 18th  is a Winter Luau

The first Friday of the month will host family game night, the second Friday will host family movie night and the third Friday night will host Trivia Night.  Karaoke will be planned on the second Saturday of the month. 

Director’s Comments

          Chris Claude cautioned the membership to not push snow into the roadway.  It can cause a dangerous situation for motorist.

          Bill Baehr stated that there is an issue with people stopping at stop signs.  Cars must come to a complete stop.  At a four-way stop, the first vehicle to reach the intersection should move forward first.  If two vehicles reach the intersection at the same time, the driver on the left yields to the driver on the right. 

Bob Leon stated that there are 19 homes for sale in Emerald Lakes.  They are:

  1.          $400,000 listed for 17 days at 183 Ash
  2.          $420,000 listed for 20 days at 1117 Sioux
  3.          $415,000 listed for 21 days  at 795 Clearview
  4.          $600,000 listed for 37 days  at 140 Island
  5.          $375,000 listed for 47 days at 185 Granite
  6.          $449,900 listed for 48 days  at 1432 Clover
  7.          $1,559,000 listed for 56 days at 1103 W Emerald Lake        (Lakefront)
  8.          $359,999 listed for 72 days at 1529 Clover
  9.          $422,000 listed for 74 days at 2441 Grey Birch
  10. $305,000 listed for 82 days at 177 Island
  11. $499,900 listed for 86 days at 1258 Clover
  12. $415,000 listed for 101 days at 2209 Doe
  13. $399,900 listed for 106 days at 1708 Glade
  14. $250,000 listed for 108 days at 1782 Glade (Property owner sale)
  15. $300,000 listed for 136 days at 116 Yellow Birch
  16. $589,000 listed for 154 days at 222 Arbor
  17. $349,900 listed for 196 days at 227 Hornbeam
  18. $260,000 listed for 223 days at 920 Cricket
  19. $254,999 listed for 232 days at 2247 Doe

Buz Whelan asked if Leon can report on homes sold and at what dollar value instead of homes for sale.  Whelan stated it would give people better idea of the current value of your own home.

          Mike Camino thanked everyone and stated that he was happy and grateful to be here.

          Buz Whelan stated that he has a personal peeve.  He is against a member letting another member uses their guest pass when that member is not in good standing.  If you do that you are supporting delinquency. If you take their trash to the compactor, that costs the Association money.  Whelan wants to see $500 fines for these infractions.  He is requesting Rules and Regulations to address this issue.  

Public Comments

          A gentleman from the audience stated that some stop signs are hidden due to tree branches and limbs.  He was told to report any signs that are hidden to the office.  That task is part of maintenance’s routine and there may be an occasion where they miss a sign.

Ange Noonan spoke of the Emerald Ladies and will be posting soon as to when the next meeting is.  An exercise program at the CC is currently being discussed.  Noonan thanked all that contributed to the rescue of Sage.  Sage is a small cat that was hit by a car on Sage Rd.  The cat had a broken jaw and needed medical attention.  The cost was over $1,000 and a lot of people contributed to her care.  The cat is currently in a foster care home and will be adopted out.  There is still an outstanding bill at the vet so additional contributions are welcomed.  In addition to Sage, the Emerald Ladies have trapped, neutered and returned 8 cats in the community.  More cats are planned on being trapped in the Spring.

          Hillary Decker thanked the board and management for installing the speed bumps.

Nine (9) new members were welcomed to the Community.

          A motion was made by Chris Claude to adjourn.  It was seconded by Bob Leon.  Meeting adjourned at 11:13 AM.

Reporters Note: I write these reports based on notes taken during the meeting.  I get no special consideration or cooperation from the board.  I try my best to report accurately, but occasionally mistakes will be made.  I invite correction and have no desire to intentionally mischaracterize any comments or actions.


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