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Lake Shark Menace Resurfaces

Watch out for the Lake Shark!

Watch out for the Lake Shark!

EMERALD LAKES, Pennsylvania (FNS) In what is becoming an annual ritual, the Pennsylvania Department of Fish and Chips issued a reminder that the danger of lake sharks lurks just beneath the surface of seemingly tranquil lakes. Four of the five Emerald Lakes are in that category. Only Deer Lake has been declared shark free. Spokesperson Claire de Aire warned that, “People shouldn’t treat this as a joke. Lives can be lost that way. These fish are as real as angels, and you better have an angel guarding you if you venture into the water alone.” According to fish specialist Dr. Flo N. Rivers, some are in more danger than others. “Most full-time residents of Pennsylvania are safe. They have a natural shark repellant that they acquire from drinking water daily that comes from the local aquifer. It’s part-timers and visitors that face the greatest danger. They don’t have that natural protection and the sharks can smell them.” An adult shark of the genus Pennsylvanus lochus Rhincodon averages about 4 feet in length but can grow larger. The record is 8 feet taken from Lake Wallenpaupak in 1993. The local record was set last year when fisherman Henry William took a six-footer out of East Emerald Lake. They are most active during the day, especially on weekends. One thing to remember is that when swimming just beneath the surface, the shark’s body creates a smoothing effect on the water. Warns lifeguard Ike N. Saivem, “When the water is calm and smooth, that’s time to watch out. It’s probably a shark getting ready to strike.”

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