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New Member/Volunteer Appreciation Party Pictures

Lola Lauri

Cutting the cake is former board officer, Claire Abbazio, who held the longest continuous tenure of 13 years, along with current ELA Board President, Al Leslie.

On August 25, 2012, Emerald Lakes honored its many volunteers and welcomed its new members at a party at the Community Center.  The party was hosted by the Emerald Lakes Directors Alumni Society (ELDAS).  ELDAS member Pat Galderisi put together some numbers to help us appreciate how much our volunteers contribute to the community, “AARP says in PA each volunteer hour is worth $20.51.  With 128 volunteers giving approximately 3 hours per week times 52 weeks each year, these volunteers have saved our community $409,543.68!”  We didn’t check the numbers, but there is no doubt that ELA volunteers provide many valuable and important services in our community.  As Pat says, “God Bless Our Volunteers, they are unselfish and positive.”

Just a few of the army of 128 volunteers who keep Emerald Lakes going all year long.

Some of our newest members. Welcome to Emerald Lakes!

Our Wonderful Vols. seated left front, Robin Mastrocola, Tobi Barnett, seated right front, Jean Petersen, Marge Indri and Bill Henry.

New Members, L. to R. Tatiana, Yuri and Natalia Sokolov, seated back row, Mark Colville.

Volunteers Phil Botti and Nancy Pitcher.

L. to R. Pat and Eric Bergstrom, Bob Walsh, Gilda Spiotta and George Haab.

Our New Members – Tiesha Phillip and Family

Treasurer Earl Frank and V. P. Millie Bishop

Sue Lodato, Mickey Lammardo and Dolores Saintil.

L. to R. Margaret Fitzgerald, Bob Leon, Former Dir. Louise Leon.

Former directors Dale Walsh and Pat Galderisi greet volunteers and new members.

Nancy Jean and George Hesser.

Adrian Saintil, Rosario Lammardo and Former Dir. Claire Abbazio.


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