Agenda for the Aug. 25th Annual Meeting

Update: (8/21/12): There has been an issue raised about the legality of this agenda based on our Bylaws, Article VIII, Section 6.  We will publish an updated agenda if and when we receive one.  Also, we would like to remind ELA members that registration for voting is between 9:30 and 11 am and only registered members will be allowed to vote.



August 25, 2012



Welcome to the 36TH Annual Meeting of the Association for 2012




Running from the Floor?  Please bring nominating petitions to the Judge-of-Elections!

1.   Call to Order – 11:00 a.m. – Pledge of Allegiance / Introductions (Al Leslie, President of the Board of Directors)

2.   Re-state the Annual Meeting agenda – vote for By-Law changes – election of three (3) Directors

3.   Approve minutes of August 27, 2011

4.   Explanation of ballots – Maryann O’Leary, Chairman of Elections Committee (re-state procedure for running from floor)

5.   Meeting Ground Rules:

            a.   Robert’s Rules of Order and By-Laws govern;

            b.   Three (3) minutes will be allowed for each Board candidate and candidates running from the floor.

6.   Assign Sergeant-at-Arms

7.   Intro of Candidates (including from floor candidates) – Dale Wash, Chair, Nominating Comm.

8.   Candidates Statement (3 minutes max. each)

9.   Explanation of voting instructions – Carmen Brodnax, Judge-of-Elections

10. Opening of polls for Directors & By-Law Changes

11. Voting – Board of Directors & By-Law Changes

12. Manager’s Report (Allen Roth)

13. Financial Report – Earl Frank, Treasurer

14. Raymond Zavada, CPA – annual audit

15. George Hludzik, Esq. – collections

16. Presentation of Awards

17. Q&A – General Membership

            a.   Voting members must rise, give their name and lot number and be recognized before speaking;

            b.   Two (2) minutes allotted to each speaker (total of 4 speakers per issue during the Q&A)

18. VOTING Results

19. Announcements / Adjournment

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  1. Three minutes for a candidate speech? Not the traditional five? What about the president? He’s a candidate. Should he allow someone else to give the president’s message and preside? Seems like he will have quite an advantage.

    • I have been told that the agenda will be changed, to allow for discussion, but that a new agenda will not be printed. Perhaps they mean to save paper and will simply announce via email and at the meeting. One suggestion for the format was to allow 3 speakers for the pro and 3 for the con side of each vote, for 3 minutes each. Mr. Miller suggested a lottery to select the speakers at the board’s last workshop, but that suggestion was dismissed because, at the time, they had decided to NOT allow discussion. Given the bylaws requirement, perhaps that suggestion should be revisited.
      @Buz- What has happened in the past when a president is also a candidate? There is precedent for allowing the Vice President to speak and preside over the meeting, as Millie Bishop did last year.
      Finally, I have heard that one of the candidates was working on verifying names on deeds with Carmen Brodnax yesterday. Again, does anyone else see how completely clueless she is at this Judge of Elections thing? Candidates need to be kept completely separate from all the processes involved in electing our directors.

  2. President’s up for re-election have always had an advantage; they get to give the President’s Message which can serve as an additional campaign speech. But to combine that with shortening the candidate’s speeches exaggerates that advantage. Hey, why not shorten the candidate’s speeches to 1 minute? Oy, vey. While it was suggested that one of the candidates help with the verifying, the crew thought better of it and it never happened.

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