Household Hints – For the Birds

Eileen Avrich

As summer ends, and the weather gets cooler, it is easy to forget about our feathered friends.  They aren’t ready to leave for their winter homes, so here are a few tips to help them stay healthy and strong.


Did you know that there are several diseases that can be spread by birds due to unclean bird feeders?  Birds with disease are likely to die from starvation, dehydration, predation and severe weather, so protect them by following these tips.

Avoid overcrowding:  If possible, spread them out.  Crowding creates stress making the birds vulnerable to disease.

Clean up waste:  Keep birdfeeders clean of bird droppings and seed hulls.  A shop-vac works well, but any method done consistently will help.

Disinfect your feeders:  Immerse your feeder or birdbath in a nine to one water-bleach solution, rinsing thoroughly, one to two times a month.

Make feeders safe:  check for any sharp edges and fix or replace.  Even a scratch can become infected.

Food – Discard any food that smells musty, looks moldy, is wet or has fungus.  Store where rodents cannot get into the food.  Mice carry many diseases that can affect birds.

Spread the word to your friends and neighbors who feed the birds.

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  1. Bring in the feeder every night, or risk attracting bears.

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