On HOA’s and Talking to the Media


Lola Lauri

Our board has had a long-standing policy of not commenting on issues brought up in the news, on Facebook, on ELFP.  With Joe Miller, John Cress, and new board member Daniel Glasgow, we are seeing a slow change in that policy.  We have always believed that the board should aggressively seek to explain its position on controversial issues and explain why certain steps were taken to resolve those issues.

The following is from an article, published by Habitat Magazine, that explains the importance of communicating with the press and with its members through various forums:

Should your board talk to reporters when they call? The chief spokesman for the national organization that represents condo, co-op and homeowner-association board members not only says, “Yes,” but that it’s important you do so if you care about your reputation. He explains why — and just as importantly, how.

Read the rest of this article here.

We all heard about the water problem had by resident Joanne Barron, but many resident’s are not aware that the EPA determined that the problem had not effected surrounding homes. (from the Pocono Record here). As part of their responsibility to protect the value of our investment in this community, the board can and should make a point of getting this information out, through as many venues as possible, rather than leaving the public and our members with the impression that there may be a problem with the water in our community.

If there was a theme to this year’s annual meeting, it was communication. We need to see this board focus on getting the news out to everyone.

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  1. Al Leslie (BOD President) talked about the EPA determination, but not a word about the smoking issue for October 6th’s event.

  2. Where were all the outraged smokers? This was their chance to speak up. I can’t fault Al for not opening that can of worms.

    • It’s time for the board to recognize that business simply cannot be done only in meetings. Too many people cannot or will not attend meetings. As long as the board continues to disregard issues brought up in other venues, they will never be able to engage the younger generations of homeowners, and they will never have the level of community involvement they claim to desire.

      • The board has a montly meeting scheduled on a Saturday to be as convenient as possible for as many people as possible. It also has a workshop once a month, usually on the Friday eight days before the open meeting. Hard to believe not one smoker was available at either time. Berate the board all you want, but you’re banging your head against a wall. Adapt or be ignored. Fair? What’s fair? Maybe the board should go door to door. C’mon. Learn the rules, play the game or sit it out.

  3. Communication is so important many of us are unable to attend these meetings and would like to know whats being done and why, When the decission was made to raise the dues it was understandable as costs are rising everywhere but those of us paying need to be kept in the loop of what decissons are being made “on our behalf”

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