Obama: 4 Years Not Enough

     WASHINGTON, District of Columbia (FNS) President Obama hinted through a campaign spokesman that a second four year term might not be enough to complete the great task of restoring the economy to pre-Bush levels of unemployment and productivity. Obama campaign senior advisor Bill Melayda told reporters covering the President that there is so much work to be done that a third term might be needed. “The Republicans have been so obstructive that it will most likely take longer than we thought to get everything right. If we need that third term it’s really the Republicans fault. They can only blame themselves. If they had cooperated we might not have even needed a second term.” Asked about the problem of the 22nd Amendment that limits a President to two terms, Melayda scoffed, “In exceptional times one must take exceptional measures.” He then left the briefing room leaving confused reporters babbling among themselves.

     When told of the briefing, Republican Congressman Brick Wohl exploded, telling reporters, “He’s always blaming someone else. First it was Bush, then it was the congress. Now he’s after all us principled congressman who simply want to help rich people create jobs.” Asked to comment, one insider spoke on condition of anonymity saying, “I tried speaking to Brick Wohl myself, but it was useless. His heels are dug in. It was like talking to a…well, you finish it.” No further comment was offered.

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  1. 4 years is to much. This country is in sad shape because of the decisions made. The president, congress is all to blame. If oboma gets in again it will just be same story as past four years. They blame each other and to be honest Obama again will destroy this country. He has not proven a thing and yet he continues to do the tv tour to build up image because his work does not speak for it self.

  2. love it when folks can’t tell the “real news” from a “brick wohl”

  3. I do agree, four years won’t be enough. The united States has been in decline for decades. The real question is who can fix it…

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