September Monthly Board Meeting: A Summary

By Buz Whelan

     Emerald Lakes Board of Directors held its monthly meeting on September 22nd in the Bingo Room of the Community Center. Attending were President Al Leslie, Vice President Millie Bishop, Secretary Carmen Broadnax, Treasurer Earl Frank and directors Joe Miller and Dan Glasgow. Director John Cress did not attend, nor did GM Allen Roth, who is on vacation.

     President Al Leslie reported that the TOPS program would be fully functional by October 1st. He also apologized for the half-time closing of the Community Center during the Giants-Cowboys NFL season opener, which had been heavily advertised as the first football night of the season. He vowed that would not happen again. Al also reported that the board, GM and association attorney are working on the West Emerald Lakes rental problem. What was once a two bedroom home is now a multi-room party house rented for weekends. Partiers are often loud and abusive, shouting profanity and setting off fireworks at all hours. According to Walter O’Neil who leads a group of area homeowners, the quality of life has been seriously compromised. Mr. O’Neil has done extensive research on his own and is sharing the fruits of that with the board. His group has also hired an attorney of their own to help with the problem.

     With the GM absent the board president continued with the manager’s report. First up was the report by the DEP that their examinations have turned up no contamination outside the original complainant, Joanne Barron of Cricket Lane, who has found oil in her well water.

     Waco, Inc. is the successful bidder (of 5) for road repair work. Moving on, there is a leak in the evacuation pipe leading from the Pine Tree Lake dam valve, and the degree of severity is not yet known. Al further reported that the guardrails on the Cedar Road bridge over the Pine Tree Lake spillway have been painted, as have the boat racks and walls and ceiling in the Community Center.

     Treasurer Earl Frank reported that the budget is within acceptable margins across the board. He does not publish a variance report because the variances are, in his judgment, insignificant (below $5,000).

     Reports completed, the board began working through the agenda. The first item, the admin office septic system, has been completed. The recently submitted Kipcon Report, a reserve study, has been judged insufficient, with few specifics. Kipcon has been notified and a more complete report has been demanded. Much ado was made about finishing the tiling of the CC, which has already been approved. The project is now on hold. New drapes and tablecloths have been installed. On the road repair project the board resolved to formally accept the Waco bid. Spot Engineering will oversee their work.

     Under new business a motion to assess a fine of $25 for non-registration of boats was made but removed from the table for further consideration, which will also include further consideration of the registration fee. A motion to enact a curfew for all under the age of 18 was also removed from the table while the possible legal exposure on the association liquor license was researched. A motion on signage was likewise suspended, after being judged incomplete by some directors.

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