ELA’s Got Talent – At The Speakeasy Lounge

Lola Lauri

A long day of Christmas shopping and a cold, gray and wet day had us craving some good music and a cozy place to relax

Long Time Comin' (and friends) performing at the Speakeasy Lounge

Long Time Comin’ (and friends) performing at the Speakeasy Lounge

with friends. We rolled into the Speakeasy only minutes after the featured band, Long Time Comin’, had begun their first set.  There was a nice crowd, and we joined Scott and Maria at the last available table by the bar as the band launched into “Mustang Sally”.

A mix of regulars and tourists filled the room, along with a number of ELA residents.  Our neighbor Ron was there, with some friends from New York, out for a weekend of hunting.  Mark and Meredith Mecca showed up, ready for some fun and, lucky for us, Mark brought along his saxophone. The Meccas are ELA members of over a decade.  Mark usually plays with the Cove Haven house band Something Else, but on this night, to everyone’s delight, he joined Ken Meyers (also a resident of ELA) and the Long Time Comin’ band.  Local talent and friend to the band, Janet Smillie belted out an amazing tune while her husband Dennis played guitar. Speakeasy manager Scott Beagin added his vocal talent and even brought out his harmonica.  From behind the bar, Catfish was persuaded to take the microphone and use his very deep (and hot!) voice to sing “Unchain My Heart”.   What a wonderful and exciting celebration of music!

Owner Maria Roberts has created a wonderful space at the Speakeasy, full of music, fun and fabulous food, where extraordinary evenings like this one can happen.  Right now, Maria has a Giving Tree in the bar, with tags containing gift suggestions for local families in need. She told me how generous her patrons have been in this effort, but that there are many folks who need help this year.  Why not go get a tag for yourself and help a local child have a happy Christmas? Then join us all at the Speakeasy Christmas party on December 22, complete with an Ugly Christmas Sweater contest, and see for yourself.

At the end of the night, when the band announced their last song, we all cried out for more.  But don’t worry, they assured us, “if the Mayans are wrong, we’ll all be back here soon.”

[To read more about The Speakeasy Lounge, click here]

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  1. Hi Lola,
    Mario and I would love to be there. We have been trying to get to the Speakeasy for the longest time. Thanks for letting us know what’s happening in our area

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