February 23, 2013 Open Board Meeting

by Buz Whelan

News-Cartoon-1471285[1]    EMERALD LAKES, Pennsylvania (ELFP) The Emerald Lakes Association Board of Directors held their monthly open meeting on Saturday, February 23rd. As has characterized these meetings in recent months it was succinct and to the point, lacking the sturm und drang so prevalent in earlier efforts. From the remarks made by directors during discussion, it is apparent that the monthly workshops, with their lengthy debates, are having an effect on the open meetings.

According to Treasurer Earl Frank the association has collected $1.489 million to date, and he believes we are tracking to finish the fiscal year (April 30th) approximately 10% under budget. He remarked that, “Some people want to spend this money (the savings),” but cautioned that this is merely numbers on paper. Because we are also having some shortfall in dues collection, the savings will create a wash, not put extra money in the association accounts.

GM Allen Roth said that efforts were under way to renovate the indoor pool room with an eye to replacing some of the glass walling with more substantial materials in order to retain heat and cut down on fuel costs.

It was also reported, under old business, that plans to upgrade the compactor area are proceeding, with photo and other measurements taken in order for the engineer to create a Request for Proposal and take bids on paving much of the area. Also under old business the board passed a resolution confirming committee chairs, with one, the ad hoc Committee on Renewable Energy, having an acting chair, Mr. Joseph Olall. Mr. Olall is not accused of wrongdoing, but the board has resolved in a previous meeting that his election was effected at a meeting that did not meet Roberts Rules requirements for legitimacy (some members were not notified of the meeting). It was agreed that a new election for chair be held at the committee’s scheduled February 26th meeting. Later in the open meeting Director Joe Miller suggested that the committee be renamed to better describe its overall mission. He made a motion that was seconded and passed that the committee be named the ad hoc Energy Conservation Committee.

The board went on to pass a blanket resolution enumerating the main responsibilities of each committee. Among these are the Rules and Regulations Committee’s duty to eliminate redundancies and unenforceable regulations (two pet limit, perhaps?), the events committee was given a $1,500 budget and the task of preparing a 2013/2014 events calendar, and the Real Estate Committee shall be resurrected and shall form a subcommittee to examine ways to regulate rental properties. President Al Leslie said he hopes this subcommittee can be peopled with rental property neighbors, landlords and even – as non-voting contributors – renters themselves. This would be in an effort to include all sides of the question. The Maintenance Committee was tasked with creating a database for equipment, facilities and infrastructure to be used for quality control records and as a facility maintenance tool. They were also instructed to coordinate with the Finance and Planning Committee regarding spending.

The board also agreed to go forward with an ad hoc Committee Assistance Committee (sounds like the Department of Redundancy Department, no?) made up of previous board members to assist committees in understanding their relation to the board and the scope of their responsibilities in supporting it.

There were two resolutions involving the acquisition of properties. It was approved that Lot 2408 will be purchased from repository for the amount of $800 and the deed for Lot 1603 will be accepted by the association in consideration of $1,477.62 in outstanding dues and fees (they will be forgiven).

Appeals Chairperson Paul Capozzoli reported that his committee heard two appeals and upheld the citations in both, though one fine was reduced.

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  1. Can’t wait until I will be able to attend these meetings. I would love to bring up the possibility of having an excercise room for adults only,18yrs and up, in the clubhouse. I think that would be a great addition to our clubhouse.

  2. Buz…not sure about one item, but certainly appreciate your excellent summary. In your summary you indicated the events committee was given a $1500 budget. I got the impression that was per event, not their total budget. If I am off base please excuse me for not getting it right, hope you can clear this up for me.

  3. Shouldn’t the CC manager have control over the money for events?

  4. If the 10% under budget in expenses creates “a wash” due to the shortfall in collections, wouldn’t it be more correct to say that our budget is balanced, but that our predictions as to where the income and outflow were going to be were off a bit? I am sure it is fun to say the words “under budget”, but it could be misleading, which is why some folks suggest we spend that amount on something. Also, I really hope that our financials are more than just “numbers on paper”.

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