Boasters Often Exaggerate, Study Shows

WEARAMY, Wyoming (FNS) A study conducted here at Northeast Western Wyoming State College and Air Conditioning Institute produced shocking results on the behavior of boasters. Apparently not satisfied with proclaiming their actual accomplishments boasters often exaggerate them, even to the point of what might be viewed as prevarication. According to Communication Studies Professor Henry Higgins, a study of over 700 braggarts showed that more than 99% bolstered their stories by reporting facts inaccurately. In all cases, the inaccuracies favored the boaster and increased the unusualness of the anecdote. Among the distortions were raising the size of a bear sighted or fish caught, increasing the number of sexual partners, and minimizing the number of times the speaker failed to attain an erection. In a companion study conducted by Associate Professor Stan Still it was found that boaster also routinely embellished their credentials on job applications. “I found it shocking that these people would actually lie on a job application, “ said Still, “Apparently they have no shame. They exaggerated their education, their work experience and even claimed to have received honors and recognition they had not. Totally shocking.”

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  1. Don’t really need the commercial? The article sucked. Waste of time.

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