Emerald Lakes Board of Directors Open Meeting, April 24, 2021

by Kathy Leslie-Whelan

          The meeting was called to order at 9:32 am.  All board members were present.  General Manager Darryl Gamble and Assistant General Manager Nicole Clemens were also present. After the pledge of allegiance, Dave Borsos, President started by stating that his message would be short since there were many topics on the agenda.  He stated that spring was teasing us with the cold weather and snow.  Maintenance has been filling in pot holes and sprucing up the community.  Certain projects are underway such as valve and dam repair, road paving and repair on the bridge on Clover Rd.  He acknowledged that the folks listening in via the live stream were having trouble hearing what was being said so new equipment was purchased. Borsos also commented on the excessive speeding through the community.  He said the speed limit is 25 miles per hour and there is no passing allowed.  Speed bumps are being placed at Main Beach and the outdoor pool.  New basketball hoops are up at the Community Center and the basket ball courts at the Administration building are being redone.  The fishing rodeo will happen this year and it will follow Covid protocols.  The event will happen around Father’s Day and there will be no fee to attend.  Borsos ended by encouraging the membership to get vaccinated for Covid 19.

          Bob Leon made a motion to accept the March’s 2021 minutes.  It was seconded by Buz Whelan and passed unanimously.

          Bill Baehr gave the Treasurer’s report.  He stated that for the month of March the Association operated within budget.  Operating costs were $158K and are within budget.  Receipt deposits were $173K.  Code Enforcement Officer (CEO) collections were $110K year to date and are on track to exceed the budgeted amount. Permits were $5.5K.  Public Safety citations were $11.8K.  Compactor card revenues were $6.1K.  Rental income was $24.7K.  Reserve income was $22.5K and $600K year to date.  Current cash assets are $702K.  Dues collections are currently at 69.54%.  Income of dues to date are $1.8M which includes dues income, prior year’s dues, dues interest, dues late fees, payment plan income and collection fees.  The dues billed are $2.3M. Delinquency collections for March are $3.5 K under special plan collections, $1.6 K under Sunrise Collections and $1.3K under attorney collections.

          Buz Whelan made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report.  It was seconded by Bob Leon and passed unanimously.

Under New Business

  • Self Certification of the Bar and Grill through the state.  The General Manager is moving forward with the paper work with the state that would allow The Community Center to go from 50% of capacity to 75% capacity during the pandemic.  The Community Center currently has a 150 person capacity rating.  The number includes the whole building. (Bingo room, pool, bar and grill etc.)  In addition, all Covid protocols must be followed.
  • An invitation will be sent out to potential new members that live within the Community that do not have their deeds attached to the Association. Chris Claude will research the addresses while Buz Whelan will draft the invite letter.
  • Budget Resolution to approve the 2021/2022 Fiscal Year Budget (Resolution # 0424-2021-02).  A motion was made by Buz Whelan and seconded by Chris Claude.  Discussion was had from the floor.  Earl Frank had comments and questions.  Some comments were that the total income was up by $200K due to rental income; Total labor operation costs are up to 52%; Compactor income is $38K; Compactor cost were S145K; bar and grill revenue is listed as $25K and he thinks that number is low.  The bar and grill usually costs $30 to $35K per year, but that should go up to $130K; there is nothing in the capital budget for the Community Center; $684K in reserves will be down to $300K when projects are done; whenever board moves money in the budget it should be put in writing.

Question as to what duties the new position of Recreation Manager would be responsible for.  He was told they would be getting a salary of $40 to 45K a year and would be responsible for the entire Community Center, all the beaches, indoor/outdoor pools, pool attendants and events. 

A roll call vote was taken and the budget passed with a 6 to 0 vote.

Under Old Business:

  • The outdoor landscaping by the pool at the Community Center was completed and cost $8.5K.
  • Clover Bridge repairs will be $71.5K
  • $300K will go into road which will include permanent speed bumps (tables) at the outdoor pool and Main Beach.  The outdoor pool parking lot will be paved.  The road between Glade and Clover is on proposed lists of roads to be paved.  Bowstring (only through traffic road left to pave), Coyote Court and Hornbeam is also on the list for pricing.  If there is money left over, chip and tar will be used in the Estates. 
  • Mountaintop boat launch has been replaced.
  • The outdoor pool will open by Memorial Day weekend.  Work was done on the ladder, filters changed, picnic table were refinished.  Luxury porta-johns will be utilized at this area.
  • The new rental package went out to the members that rent their property.  Pricing will go into effect on May 1st.  Any rental that is causing problems will lose the right to utilize the amenities.  The compactor costs will be added into each house that rents.  There will be scanning at the beaches and lakes once they open.
  • Boat registration is $10 per boat per year.  So far about 60 boats have registered.  Sticky labels will be issued to be attached to the registered boat. 
  • Work at the front entrance will commence once the pricing comes in.
  • Gamble is having trouble getting sand for Pine Tree and Main Beach.  Staff may have to go into New Jersey for sand that is a better quality and not septic sand. 
  • Lake signs have been ordered.  Swim/Ice-Fish at your own risk.  This is an insurance requirement.
  • At the community center 2 pickle ball courts will be installed.  Currently no one is using the tennis courts.
  • Fencing will be installed at the compactor.
  • At the Community Center, currently they are working on stone/cement for the bar floor that had to be jack hammered.  New pipes were installed. Dry walls are being spackled in the dining room.  The ceiling will be started once the electrical work is completed.  Construction material is more expensive and hard to get so the indoor pool will not open by Memorial Day.  New furniture and bar equipment has been purchased and is in storage.
  • Dam work is ready to go.  Cost is $115,160.  The budget currently has $150K allocated for this work.
  • Clover Bridge contract is for $71,500.  Some items to be repaired are the bulk heads and guardrails.  Traffic will have to be rerouted during this repair.
  • The bathhouses at the beaches are currently going through face lifts.  The deck at Pine Tree beach will be replaced.
  • Gamble is waiting for pricing on the permanent speed bumps for the outdoor pool and Main beach.  These will be made of asphalt.  A snow plow driver will have to lift their plow in these areas during snow season.  In addition, 4 new sets of temporary speed bumps will be installed.   New crosswalks will be painted at Main beach and the outdoor pool.  If the permanent speed bumps work out more will be added.
  • Announcement signs will cost between $600 and $700.  The signs will be encased in Lucite to protect from elements and vandals.  The signs will be electronic/programmable.  Whelan will bring pictures to the next meeting. The signs will be used at the three mail locations.

Committee Reports

          Ange Noonan reported for Rules and Regulations.  They meet for two hour stretches.  They are almost done with the documents.  Chris Claude asked to be included in the next meeting when fines will be discussed.

          Chris Claude is caught up with the back log for appeals.  Since there are not that many left, this committee may meet quarterly.

          Buz Whelan stated that the Real Estate committee is extremely diligent.  They requested that landlords be notified immediately if their property is being fined since some of the deposits of renters are given back within a two week period.  Contact information such as phone and email address should be made available to neighbors who can call the landlords direct.  If the owner cannot be reached a fine should be attached.  The committee also requested to expand the number of trash pickup days, however, the compactor site has trash pick-up from our outside haulers on Mondays and Fridays, so management cannot agree to that request. 

Director’s Comments

          Chris Claude requested that management reach out to City Waste, Waste Management and the school bus dispatcher to discuss speeding of the vehicles and driving in both lanes.

                   Bob Leon stated according to Zillow this morning 9 homes are available for sale. 2 homes have been on the market for more than 160 days and 7 for under 30 days.  The lowest listed price on homes for sale is $172,500 with the highest listed at $898K. 

Public Comments

          Don Atkiss shared information on the butterfly garden located on Gap View Drive.  The area needed to be gardened since most of the milkweed flowers were lost due to the stony terrain.   Eric Bergstrum brought his tractor to the area and dug up the area. Eric and his wife Pat donated soil so that new gardens can be started.  The gardens were moved back and will consist of four quadrants.  Paths will run down the sides.  In addition, Eric has planted two trees that are now blossoming.  New plants are on order for the site.  Three of the quadrants have been adopted by the membership.  One quadrant still needs to be adopted.   It will require the planting and upkeep of the area.  Anyone interested in volunteering please reach out to Don Atkiss. Mr. Atkiss stated to stay tuned for big improvements at that area.

          One (1) new member was welcomed to the Community.

          Bob Leon made the motion to adjourn.  It was seconded by Steve Kavanagh.  Meeting adjourned at 12:07  PM.

Reporters Note: I write these reports based on notes taken during the meeting.  I get no special consideration or cooperation from the board.  I try my best to report accurately, but occasionally mistakes will be made.  I invite correction and have no desire to intentionally mischaracterize any comments or actions.

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