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Budget Process Moves Along

by Buz Whelan

The Finance & Planning Committee met today, March 2, 2013 to accept and review the 2013/2014 budget prepared by General Manager Alan Roth and his staff. The budget had actually been emailed to the F&P members the previous day in order to give them a chance to review the document before the meeting. The meeting went smoothly and aside from a few wording changes, the committee voted to recommend the budget ‘as prepared’ to the Emerald Lakes Board of Directors when they meet on Saturday, March 16th. At that meeting any questions, suggestions or amendments can be discussed and agreed upon so that the board will have a finished document to vote to approve at the March 23 Open Meeting. The budget will then be made available to the general membership for their review and comment before its final passage at the April Open Meeting. A final, board-approved balanced budget must be in place for the start of the fiscal year. This is defined as May 1st by the association bylaws. While members do not vote to approve the budget, any interested member may obtain a copy of the budget before its final passage and pass on whatever comments or suggestions they may have to the board. The budget will be available at the Administration Office following the March 23rd meeting and until the April 27th approval date.

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